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This rigorous yet sensitive debut from Jeffrey Dunn Rovinelli follows Em, a queer sex worker, as she moves between New York City and her native Pittsburgh, struggling to kick her heroin addiction and get on with her life. With intimate access to seemingly all aspects of her life—her friends, lovers, clients, and Em alone—we witness firsthand the difficulties of getting clean and are given a stark but touching image of what it means to be young and at odds with oneself today. Elegantly shot on a mixture of digital and Super 16mm film and suffused with an intricate and atmospheric score, Empathy deftly chronicles its subject’s attempts to regain (or preserve) a shred of autonomy and evokes both the tragedy and the comedy of dire personal struggles.

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What is life without memory? As she approaches the eve of her 100th Carmen is losing hers. But while she can’t remember short-term, long-term memories are indelibly etched onto her psyche and she delights in rediscovering them through long forgotten Super 8mm footage shot by her and her husband throughout their lives together. But hidden among the old celluloid reels lie other secrets that, no matter how long you live, you may never want to share. This short documentary from 100 Year Films founder Bill Kirstein combines archive footage and Super 16mm footage to create an homage to life and memory with a frank and refreshing personal sensibility.


So Pretty

Forthcoming second feature from Jeffrey Dunn Rovinelli. Currently in financing and pre-production.