With a possible singularity on the horizon, two friends, bound by curiosity and companionship, embark on a dangerous journey towards its alluring core. Surreal and impulsive; their journey is tested by their changing priorities. When one challenges the other, we begin to realize that their reality may not be exactly what it seems. Pushing the limits of style and narrative, the film loops back and forth in memory, endeavoring to explore the spirit of the sublime and what it means to truly feel alive.

Featured on No Budge, Booooooom, Bureau of Creative Works, Film Shortage and Break Journal.


Official Selection - 30th Minimalen Short Film Festival, Trondheim, Norway
Official Selection - 36th Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival, Minneapolis, MN
Official Selection - No Budge
Official Selection - Bureau of Creative Works
Official Selection - Film Shortage
Official Selection + Online Premiere: Booooooom


Common Structure,’ by directors Bill Kirstein and Anne Hollowday tells its elliptical tale as a stream of moments. A dreamlike quality pervades each image (all beautifully composed)… the film’s search for transcendence is aided by incredibly scenic imagery and the striking presences of its two leads.” — Kentucker Audley, No Budge

“The cerebral theme is coupled with visual threads of memories, moments that feel simultaneously natural and surreal.” - Booooooom


10 min / Color / Digital / USA / 2016
Cinematography by Bill Kirstein
Edited by Ian Park
Written & Directed by Anne Hollowday & Bill Kirstein
Produced by 100 Year Films